Our history

The Furnace

The glassworks Vetreria Artistica Busato was founded in 1994 by Master Gino Busato. It born into the Busato family tradition: the Master Marco Busato got the glass blowing experience from his father, Gino Busato, glass master for more than sixty years in Murano.

Gino, joining the Murano furnaces when he was very young, ten years old in 1945, learnt the glass-blowing art from one of the most important Venice masters: the Master Emilio Nason. Then he worked for A.V.E.M. (Arte Vetraria Muranese), founded by Antonio and Egidio Ferro, Giulio Radi and Emilio Nason.

At the beginning of its activity, the Vetreria Artistica Busato was situated in Murano island, the motherland of the blown glass; then it has been moved near the Marco Polo Airport (Venice).
The Master Gino Busato handed on his passion for glassblowing to his sons, Marco and Michela

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“My mission is to preserve the ancient trade that my father handed on to me and to propose, in contemporary terms, the traditional Murano blown glass art.” Маrco Busato.

The Master

Marco Busato born in Venice, in 1966. All along his childhood he lived in touch with the glass art: his father, Gino Busato the Master, teached him how to appreciate the blowing glass activity and the original Murano glass style. Marco still was a teenager when he started work within Galliano Ferro glasswork, in Murano island. There, in the blown glass homeland, he did a lot of experience.

Later on he felt the desire to found a new glasswork in order to exploit and emphasize his genius. So together with his father and his sister, he created a new glass collection, a “sinergie” of modern and ancient style, a collection able to bring up-to-date the fascinating Murano glass art.

The productions

The production characterizes and differentiates from all the other Murani productions for some new chandeliers designed and studied trying to meet the taste and the requirements of the modern times, maintaining but to the quality and the tradition of the historical venetian chandeliers intact. Vetreria Artistica Busato is proposed to serve customers of “connoisseurs”, lovers of the art and of the quality, persons who wish to furnish their houses with the light and the exclusive feature of the famous Murano glass or that they want to make a “gift of class” to relatives or friends. Because, when the purity of the glass meets with the beauty of the colors and the harmony of the forms, it is had originates them Busato glass.

The glass

The blown glass is realized through an ancient technique that had origin in the first century a.C in Middle East and successively in every Country but expecially in Murano , today recognized all over the world like the native land of glass art.: the glass comes preliminarily fused into a ” crogiolo”, it comes then captured from the Master with a long tube of iron, the ” canna”. To this point the Master blows into of the tube in order to put molding on the drop of glass previously captured, to assume the form wished before that he makes solid itself. The simple principle described here is transformed in art in the hands of the Master that it succeeds to extrapolate from an opera shapeless material of rare beauty.

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All pieces are hand made with millenary experience.
Every piece is sole and inimitable because completely hand made.

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