New Creations

This section collects the latest news from the glass factory. Photographs and models are unpublished and protected under copyright law.

We make art objects, a synthesis of beauty and craftsmanship, thanks to the experience gained by our family for two generations in glass processing.

Many imitate us, only a Busato chandelier is the original. In addition to the beauty and refinement of the product, we are recognizable by the logo on the cup of the chandelier.

The creations on display belong to the different collections and can be modified according to your needs, such as colors, sizes, number of lights and any other detail.

Vaso lampada Iris e Tulipani 

Iris and Tulips Vase lamp

This lamp vase is coordinated with the homonymous chandelier. It is equipped with two halogen lamp. When the light is...
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Iris Ceiling Lamp Lite 

Iris Ceiling lamp Lite

This ceiling light is the Lite version of the 16 light versions. With 6 halogen lamps it fits well in...
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Lampadario Tulipani Renoir Lite 

Renoir Tulips Chandelier Lite

This chandelier is the Lite version of the 16 lights big brother. With 9 halogen lamps it is inspired by...
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Lampadario Acqua di Rose 

Acqua di Rose Chandelier

This chandelier inspired by the most classic Venetian models gives a feeling of freshness as if it emanated an intense...
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Lampadario Papaveri Lite 

Poppies Chandelier Lite

This chandelier inspired by Van Gogh’s painting is the Lite version of the older brother Poppies Van Gogh. Equipped with...
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Lampadario Bouquet di Papaveri 

Poppies Bouquet Chandelier

This real floral bouquet is well suited to small rooms. Equipped with 4 halogen lamps, it is customizable, like all...
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Lampadario Iris Lite 9 luci 

Iris Chandelier Lite 9 lights

This version of the progenitor Iris Van Gogh chandelier is composed with 9 halogen lights and is equally impressive, albeit...
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Applique Tulipani Renoir 

Renoir Tulips Wall lamp

This wall lamp  matches the Tulipani Renoir chandelier and is equally fresh and clean in design. Composed with 5 halogen...
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Lampadario Vincent 

Vincent Chandelier

This chandelier is a tribute to the beauty of the sunflowers painted by the great Dutch painter. Its lightness and...
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Plafoniera Iris Bianchi 15 luci 

White Iris Ceiling Lamp

This ceiling light is suitable for many homes, considering the limited height of 70 cm, which can be easily modified...
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