Chandelier Rezzonico

Real sculptures of glass

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In `the 1700, Venetian furnaces they suffered of a strong competition, in particular because of the new Bohemian commercial concourse. To giving upturn the risen ones of the venetian glass he was Master Giuseppe Briati which made a production of glasses in a position to concurring with those bohemian. Between the greater ones new introduced from Master Briati it was the chandelier today called ” Rezzonico” , characterized from covered metallic arms in glass blown decorated with leaves, flowers and decoration elements.
This tipology of chandeliers takes the name from the one that same Master Briati designed for the noble venetian family Rezzonico. The metallic structure of Rezzonico comes constructed from the blacksmith on design of Master: arms and other metal partsi are elements that vary of number according to the dimensions of the chandelier. The arms and the parts in iron come then covered from elements in glass, calls ” bossette”, some of which are used to support pendants.
The detail type of structure of these chandeliers, it allows to realize imposing chandeliersi and of remarkable dimensions.
Master Marco Busato has inserted between its works this collection dedicated to the baroque Venice in order to emphasize to its attention regarding the tradition and to remember the great Master who allowed the glass of Muranol to repeat its beauty in the centuries, till the days ours.

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