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Plafoniera cristallo Iris bianchi 

White Iris Crystal Ceiling lamp

This elegant ceiling light of only 80 cm in height, fits well in many furnishings, including modern ones. Also customizable in the...
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Lampadario Iris Ambrati 

Amber Iris Chandelier

This important chandelier is the big brother of the ceiling light of the same series. With a height of 120 cm and...
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Plafoniera Iris Ambrati 

Amber Iris Ceiling lamp

The elegant amber color of the Irises gives the object a unique character suitable for an elegant and luxurious environment. This ceiling...
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Plafoniera Iris Blu 2 

Blue Iris Ceiling lamp 2

This ceiling light with its low height makes it usable in all rooms, even with ceilings that are not too high. The...
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Piantana Iris colorati 

Colored Iris Floor lamp

This 2 meter high floor lamp is a real floral fountain. Even when the light is off, it surprises the observer with...
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Applique Disco Lylia 

Disco Lylia Wall lamp

This wall lamp, combined with the ceiling lamp, is made of satin glass, in the shades proposed or preferred by the customer....
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Disco Lylia Ceiling 

Disco Lylia Ceiling lamp

This ceiling light is made of satin glass, in pastel shades proposed or preferred by the customer. It can be combined with...
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White Iris Wall lamp 

White Iris Wall lamp

This applique combined with the ceiling lamp is made in satin green glass worked “Torcello”. Its “freshness” and singularity make them among...
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Plafoniera Bianca Iris 

White Iris Ceiling

This ceiling light is made of white glass. It can be combined with the wall lamp app-1-5 related in different colors also...
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Lampadario Ireos Zeus Oversize 

Ireos Zeus Oversize Chandelier

This chandelier can fully enter among the largest Venetian chandeliers ever made. With a diameter of 4.5 meters, 98 lights and about...
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